some things to think about

    If someone were to look back on this year in the future and say that it was a year of peace, they would be absolutely wrong. This was more so a year of devastation. These are my thoughts and opinions and my beliefs. What I say in this blog is in no way intended to offend anyone for I have the utmost respect for all peoples and their religions.                                                                        With all That’s been going on I’m not going to single out any one event. I think there has been too much display of violence this year. I believe violence is not the answer to violence. When the police are called to the scene of an alleged crime, the person(s) should not run or resist, especially if they are innocent. Also, if a police officer feels he needs his gun even if the suspect is unarmed then he should shoot to subdue. In no way should the first reaction be shoot to kill even if the suspect is armed. The police academies should teach this. I have respect for people who stand up and fight for their rights but doing it violently does not help. A peacefull demonstration looks better and accomplishes a lot more.                                            I believe this country, the USA, needs to stand united. I do not believe in superior races. I think we are all equal, no one man or woman being better than the next. I wish people as a whole would stop thinking about each other by the color of their skin and start to think about each other as American equals. We live in the land of the free and home of the brave. Let’s be brave enough to stand together as free American citizens. Free from hate and discrimination. Free to be equal.